International Distributor

Subject to minimum order quantity requirements, we welcome oversea distributor and chain establishment enquiries and are constantly looking to develop long-term relationships with reputable organisations that have recognised the brand and the potential it offers and would therefore like to represent the us in their home country.


As an overseas distributor there is huge potential to gain customer loyalty with a quality product that is manufactured in the United Kingdom. There are a number of opportunities that can be explored and we are in quest of pro-active distributors that can take our range of products and place them within the market place of their own country and they too, can then become part of the global phenomenon known as "BATTLE FOR THE BATHROOM".


The first point of consideration for an overseas distributor is, whether or not, they can actually visualise the brand working for them in their home country and can any such distributor be very pro-active with the product ranges?

Additionally, does the overseas distributor have the financial and storage capabilities to meet our minimum overseas order threshold; i.e.. one 40ft container? If you believe that you are in a position to meet international threshold requirements, then we would be very happy to hear from you and establish if there is a mutually beneficial and meaningful way forward for us to engage. 


From a merchandising point of view, the IMPERIUM brand is instantaneously recognisable even at a glance from a distance. An immense amount of Marketing Design Thought (MDT) has been put into the brand to ensure that the IMPERIUM range of products, clearly stand out as a cut above the rest when placed on a shelf amongst it's market competitors.