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Q.1 : What is the minimum quantity order?

Ans:  For UK distribution the minimum quantity is 1 full pallet of a particular line.

Q.2 : Can I pay cash on delivery for my goods?

Ans:  No. The company does not accept cash payments. The only method of payment we currently accept is by cheque or online bank transfer. If a cheque payment is made, then the cheques would have to clear through the banking system before goods are dispatched.

Q.3 : I haven't seen the IMPERIUM brand before how can you guarantee that this product is environment friendly?

Ans:  IMPERIUM work very closely with organisations that genuinely care for the environment as much as we do and we only partner with raw material suppliers that take our views very seriously.

Q.4 : Can we order a mixed pallet?

Ans:  Unfortunately not.

Q.5 : Do you sell your products directly to retail outlets?

Ans:  We will only supply our range of products to companies / organisations and sole traders that can meet our minimum order requirements.

Q.6 : If a distributor of the IMPERIUM brand is already providing a chain establishment with relevant products, would you supply to that chain?

Ans:  Only if the IMPERIUM brand is not being provided. If the IMPERIUM brand is supplied to any such chain establishment and the chain establishment comes directly to us and only "after" they have been buying IMPERIUM products from any distributor, then we would decline that business on ethical grounds. However; if any such chain establishment approaches us first, then we would of course either deal with them directly "if practical to do so" or, we would pass the business over to one of our distributors.

Q.7 : Can the IMPERIUM brand be made exclusive to a distributor?

Ans:  The minimum order quantity requirement for this would incur a sizeable financial outlay that would make it near on impossible for a distributor to operate with; however; we are always open to suggestions to establish if there could be a meaningful way forward in this respect.

Q.8 : Are credit terms available?

Ans:  The company only operate via settlement of pro-forma invoice and subsequent cleared funds into the company's bank account. Payment must be seen as cleared prior to the dispatch of goods. IMPERIUM does not offer credit facilities.

Q.9 : I own high calibre hotels outside of the UK but would like to use the IMPERIUM brand, how do I accomplish this?

Ans:  Firstly, send an email to: sales@imperium.org.uk and they will ensure that your enquiry will be handled by one of our professional members of staff that deals with overseas enquiries. We would then check to see if there is already a distributor in your area and if so, we would inform them to contact you. If however there are no local distributors, then we would only be able to offer assistance on any of the following terms: 1] Your hotel chain / group are in a position to deal on a 40ft container basis only, i.e. 26 pallets. 2] You purchase a lower number of pallets but this cost would equate to similar pricing for delivery of a 40ft container; the decision would rest entirely with you. 3] You contact a local wholesaler and ask them to purchase your stock for them to deal with you directly.

Q.10 : Can we collect our own goods from your distribution center?

Ans:  Only if there is a minimum order of 26 pallets.

Q.11 : What assurances can you give that The Golden Ticket will operate fairly?

Ans:  The Golden Ticket is as fair as we can possibly make it, it follows: that; within every 40ft container production run, a single ticket displaying the company hologram and unique design features is placed inside only one packet of 4, 9 or 16 rolls and is allocated a ticket number, that ticket number is then put into our database and is awarded £100.00 (one hundred pounds) and whomsoever the lucky individual is, is guaranteed to receive a pay out "subject to company terms and conditions". The ticket can be anywhere in the world and the service is also open to any citizen in the world.

Q.12 : How long will The Golden Ticket run for?

Ans:  The Golden Ticket will always run, we have no intention of stopping this in the foreseeable future.

Q.13 : Will the prize of the Golden Ticket ever decrease in value?

Ans:  There are no plans to reduce the value of the Golden Ticket.

Q.14 : Will the prize of the Golden Ticket ever increase in value?

Ans:  We have made plans in the near future to increase the value of the Golden Ticket but not until the first £100,000.00 (one hundred thousand pounds) is given away to genuine winners. We will then review the company's position.