Distributor Benefits

Distributors have a lot of potential working with the IMPERIUM brand as we shall be creating a variety of brand awareness campaigns on a global scale to build consumer trust into the marketplace; wherever the IMPERIUM brand is presented the end consumer will have the confidence of knowing that they have a market competitive product that is second to none.


Depending on how a distributor performs with the IMPERIUM range of products, we will happily provide high quality business marketing material with their contact details on any such publication.
Naturally before this type of expenditure is sanctioned, we would need to establish that our distributors maintain loyalty with the brand for a minimum period of 3 months. Once this qualifying period is satisfied we will create a bespoke design directly suited to the distributor for which they can then use for marketing purposes.
Once you are a registered distributor, any enquiries for smaller orders are passed directly onto the closest distributor from where the enquiry is being made from.
Once a distributor is established in a particular area, we may, "depending on how the distributor is performing" engage in additional marketing activities to increase distributor exposure.