IMPERIUM is not just about being a major supplier of bathroom tissue, it is a company that engages with consumers and offers a necessary product with a little more value added to it whilst simultaneously making the purchase of our products a little more enjoyable for everyone.

The rules are simple, if luck is on the side of the consumer and they happen to be a Golden Ticket Holder (GTH), then consumers have our assurance that; "subject to proper security checks", we will honour the value of the ticket, which is in the amount of £100.00 only. 

Before a ticket is honoured, we will request that a photograph is taken of the GTH along with details of their address so that we may make genuine assertions for bonafide winners.


The following points must be adhered to for a GTH:

  1. A GTH must first contact us via email with their ticket number by filling out the Winners Notification Form on our website.
  2. All Golden Tickets can be kept by the GTH as a memorable gift for engaging with the IMPERIUM brand.
  3. Photographs of the GTH must be taken and their details entered onto our WINNERS NOTICE BOARD along with them accepting that the company hold the intellectual property rights to all photographs and any publishing for other marketing material that we may at our discretion create at a later point in time and use for the purpose of promoting genuine winner/s.
  4. Once the GTH has been honoured to the value of their ticket, the Golden Ticket reference number then becomes invalidated and no more wins can be claimed on that number.
  5. Employees, distributors, or any organisation (excluding graphic design teams) that are directly or indirectly associated with the day-to-day operational duties of IMPERIUM are prohibited to make any claim of any type even if, they genuinely win; this includes members of their immediate family. Those GTH'S can only present their win to a bonafide charity of the company's choice, for example: Cancer Research, Homeless Charities, Children in need, RSPCA etc.
  6. Employees in workplaces such as hotels and various other chain establishments that use the IMPERIUM brand products (EXCLUDING RETAIL ESTABLISHMENTS THAT SELL DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC), are considered as end consumers and are thus: entitled to submit a Golden Ticket claim under the current stance that IMPERIUM upholds on this type of scenario, which is; "let he who finds win".
  7. All payments are made via bacs transfer or, a company cheque / Bankers Draft sent to the GTH address held on our systems.