Why aloe vera scent?

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of different fragrance types that we could have chosen from, for our flagship bathroom tissue and after testing scores of different types of suitable bathroom aromas from a wide-range of extracts, it was the Aloe Vera scent that clearly stood out from the crowd.


Unlike many of our competitor fragrances, the IMPERIUM LEGACY scent, is redolent of a fresh clinical appeal without the overpowering sensation that many of our competitors use in their toilet rolls.

We believe; "especially" for an area such as a bathroom, that a service provider such as the toilet roll, should permeate a hygienic sense of calm and serenity and it is only the Aloe Vera plant, which we have opinionated to possess these vital properties for bathroom environments.


Our consumers are very important to us and we listen to what they say and in consideration of that, we wanted to ensure that we give the consumer the very best that we can offer for all of the above reasons "and much more" . The inevitable result was that, the Aloe Vera experience was the most popular choice for bathroom purposes and we are immensely proud to present it to you within the IMPERIUM LEGACY range.