IMPERIUM'S battle is made up of many elements in which we have to face day-in-day-out; this is, a natural consequence of progression into the marketplace as a market leader.  Our daily aim is to:

  • battle with the paper quality
  • battle with environment compliance issues, i.e. supply chain/s
  • battle with pricing fluctuations within the raw material sectors
  • battle with brand design and merchandising performance
  • battle with fierce market competition
  • battle to ensure that the message we convey at the time of any such publication is 100% accurate
  • battle to ensure that at the point of relevant product purchase the end consumer thinks of the IMPERIUM brand range first
  • battle to remain market competitive
  • battle to ensure that the brand remains a market leader
  • battle to build trust and brand loyalty


These are just a few of our daily chores and this is how we have envisaged the BATTLE FOR THE BATHROOM. Look out for our marketing campaigns, they each tell a different story of our daily battles.