Embossing Patterns

It was a difficult choice between the two embossing patterns that you see here, it was a case of either choosing one of them or both of them. The feedback we received from a majority of everyone involved in the making of the IMPERIUM brand was to keep the both patterns and introduce more, if that is, any new patterns met up to the IMPERIUM standards. 


We can only guarantee a particular embossing pattern to any distribution chain on the confirmation of a minimum order quantity of a full container load of one particular pattern only. Smaller orders that are less than a 26 pallet order do not have this guaranteed assurance. We apologise for this beforehand if the pattern you were expecting on smaller orders is not the pattern you receive and this is simply because, at the time of production whichever embossing roll is on the heavy plant machinery, is the pattern that will be issued. 


To change over an embosser for a different pattern creates a huge disruption to works; it takes approximately 2½ days to switch the embossing rolls, thus: creating a huge production expense and this is why "Pattern Guarantee's" are only given on a minimum of a 26 pallet order. Your understanding in for this is appreciated.