Company Statement

It is our ambition to present the IMPERIUM range of bathroom tissue within the marketplace for consumers to clearly understand and appreciate that they are buying an exceptionally well manufactured product that not only is with distinction, it allows bathrooms around the globe to make a profound statement!


Our mission is to introduce the IMPERIUM brand to distributors around the globe offering them high quality products at competitive prices. We want to be able to demonstrate to our loyal customers that when they purchase an IMPERIUM branded product that; they will have a product that will always be the consumers 1st choice; not only because of its undeniable softness and superb UK manufacturing quality and control of goods, but also, because of the affordability for everyone factor.


We will heavily market the IMPERIUM range of products with a good marketing mix that will resonate positive messages to create the brand awareness that these such products rightly deserve. This will effectuate increased sales for our customers and help to develop brand loyalty across the board.

The packaging designs for the IMPERIUM brand range of products, inherently positions us with superior marketing appeal amongst our competitors. In addition with ensuring quality manufactured products, we will also make our marketing material appealing and we will target certain segments of industry sectors to the point, whereby the segmented market, will feel compelled to always use the IMPERIUM brand within their operational structure.


We will keep this as a continuous promotion to really ensure that the company is fair in its dealings and to make the purchase of our product range enjoyable for consumers to engage with without hurting their pocket.


Subject to company policy and procedures, our ability to remain flexible and fair in our dealings with customers will make us a preferred choice above market competitors. Our easy to approach, helpful and honest attitude will be our market resolve and our strength is balanced by high standards and significant team players, maintaining them within their respective divisions.


The company will heavily invest in EDI capabilities to ensure that efficiency plays a key role within our milieu, as there is less to fear from outside competition, than there is from inside inefficiency.  


Gold Crest

Wherever an IMPERIUM product displays a Gold Crest, it informs consumers that the intended product is manufactured to the highest quality standard and will effortlessly perform duties associated with it; the Gold Crest on our products is for A+ grade products that essentially use 3 ply and above, along with using a heavier weight of paper for respective product ranges.

Silver Crest

Our Silver Crest, which is an A grade product, will inform consumers that this crest "still" represents the hallmark of an exceptional product and still performs associated duties with unnoticeable compromise from A+ grade to A grade; the change in tone is to inform consumers of a slightly lesser paper weight; there is no compromise on the manufacturing process and quality control and still remains an exceptional product line for merchandising and consumer satisfaction.

Our Crest will instill confidence within the consumer marketplace to buy and become well acquainted with the brand range.

Quality, quantity, distinct merchandising design features, superb marketing techniques in addition with a competitive pricing structure "and above all" our dedicated and brand passionate team players, is our route to success!

Company President:

Qamar Hussain