Many people will ask; why choose IMPERIUM toilet tissue as opposed to the other leading brands? Our response is simple, which is: that; there is only so much a company can elaborate on regarding the quality of toilet tissue because, when all is said and done, it merely serves an intended purpose that sequentially gets flushed down the toilet and no differently than other leading brands, the IMPERIUM brand also receives the same treatment.


The IMPERIUM range of bathroom tissue products, are assured to end users that the range is made from 100% sustainable virgin pulp. Additionally, unlike some market competitors the weight of our toilet tissue paper for example, is; 18.5gsm for our 3 ply product range and 19gsm for our 2 ply range and these weights are considered within the industry as high spec, which essentially creates the adorable softness and superior absorbency levels along with facilitating the ease of flushing after use. 


The IMPERIUM Bathroom range is currently:

  • LEGACY 3 ply (aloe vera scented)4 roll pack | 9 roll pack and 16 roll pack
  • LUXURY 3 ply: 4 roll pack | 9 roll pack and 16 roll pack
  • LEGEND 2 Ply: 4 roll pack | 9 roll pack and 16 roll pack