Consumer Relations

We welcome enquiries from the general public who may wish to make any speculative enquiries about the IMPERIUM brand range of products and for this we ask all end user comsumers to contact us via email in the first instance with as much detail as you can give with your enquiry so that we are positioned to assist to the best of our ability. The email for consumer direct is:


We assure to all of our customers that every care and consideration is taken at the manufacturing stage to ensure that our range of products leave our depots in perfect condition. We would also like to point out at this development that we cannot accept responsibility for how goods are stored by our distributor chain if packaging etc is damaged.

IMPERIUM is a responsible organisation and only works in conjunction with supply chains that share and hold the same values as what we do for the environment. Our own supply chain for raw materials are FSC registered and comply with all environmental standards.
Our advertising standards are kept very high and we only convey messages to the public that are 100% accurate at the time of any such publication. Consumers can have the confidence of knowing that whatever it is that IMPERIUM state in terms of product quality, measures, weight, size, ply and general publications relating to our products, will always be and remain honest.