Legend Character Profile

Character and storyline derived from the minds of innocence

His role is to command the elite IMPERIUM army to protect planet IMPERIUM and planet earth from the menacing clutches of deforestation and to serve the royal family of IMPERIUM.

Part of his black opps deployment is to fly reconnaissance missions over every bathroom, on planet earth and gather reliable intel for him to report back to the queen and act on by leading his elite army warriors into battle against low grade toilet paper monsters, if that is; IMPERIUM products do not happen to be part of a bathroom's environment.

A victor of the IMPERIUM Congressional Medal of Honour for bravery exceeding the boundaries of common sense, decorated with 3 purple hearts, along with being awarded an extra 2 millimeters of perforated length on his sheets per roll and decoratively embossed to hide the many injuries sustained from countless incursions deep behind enemy lines, his battles were legendary and have been recorded in history on planet IMPERIUM as the epic; BATTLE FOR THE BATHROOM.