LEGACY Character Profile

Character and storyline derived from the minds of innocence

Answerable only to the true King of all that can ever be conceived from the Planet EMPYREAN is Queen LEGACY of planet IMPERIUM, she rules over her land with the gift of grace, eloquence and charm along with a wonderful gift of magical powers for which anything for her is possible.

The magical gifts bestowed upon our queen come with a set of very clear instructions, which are, that; she can only ever use her gift for the improvement of products and services derived from IMPERIUM and to help the inhabitants of planet earth in any way she can.


Far into the vast distance of space from the edge of planet earth's Solar System is another Solar System called Tabula rasa; and 2,000,000 light years away from the edge of this glorious sprial nebula and more towards its center, is a planet filled with breath-taking views that are just too magnificent to put into spoken words. 

Man is unable to visit such a wonderful and peaceful planet because, the technology on planet earth is still far too primitive to take them there.


IMPERIUM, is a very busy place because, its sole function is to manufacture high quality bathroom tissue 24 earth hours per day and 365 earth days a year, which is the equivalent to 1 earth hour on IMPERIUM and this is done so that the people of planet earth are adequately accommodated with superb quality for their hygienic demands and needs.


To offer the people of planet earth a small token of appreciation for being loyal subjects of the IMPERIUM brand, the queen has introduced The Golden Ticket; that gives the finder of the ticket a handsome reward of £100.00 (one hundred pounds).

The Golden Ticket, which is the exact sized of the IMPERIUM bathroom tissue (125mm x 105mm), is randomly placed into one packet of bathroom tissue from a production run that is equal to a 40ft container, which is carrying a full load of IMPERIUM branded bathroom tissue that could in all fairness, literally end up anywhere on planet earth. So the queen has sent a message to everyone, which is: "always check inside your packet because, everyone on planet earth has a fair chance to win".

Loyal subjects who reside on the planet IMPERIUM are excluded from this generous gift.