Luxury 2 ply and 3 ply quilted products compacted with generous sheet counts per roll, whilst maintaining an exceptional amount of user comfort and higher levels of absorbency due to their quilted construction along with the manufacturing care and technique put into our product lines. IMPERIUM dominates the market and stands out as a cut above the rest when placed on the shelf amongst major competitors as the King of world-wide "thrones"! 


Tissue Features

The absence of high cost television advertising significantly reduces our production cost and huge savings are thus made, which are subsequently passed down to our loyal customers.

  • Attractive packaging for merchandising purposes / shelf ready
  • Strong 3 ply quilted for extra added softness and comfort when in use
  • Superior absorbency levels and perforated sheets for easy tear
  • Higher margins achieved for retailers
  • Superb branding design features
  • Suitable for both commercial and domestic use
  • Generous roll size

Customise Napkin

IMPERIUM have levelled the playing field for relevant organisations that would like to brand their serviettes. Popular within the hospitality industry, customers can now order a minimum of 2 cases to have their brand displayed on all of their napkins. The benefits of branded napkins are many for example:

  • Your brand in many hands
  • High end marketing technique
  • Costs set against pre-tax profits
  • Appreciated and remembered by your customers
  • Range of colours to choose from
  • Modern and forward thinking
  • Competitively priced 2 Ply / 3 Ply & AIRLAID 

Global Demand

Soaring demand for tissue based products has over the years placed relentless pressure on the natural rainforest to deliver raw material to pulp manufacturers. IMPERIUM is not in favour of deforestation and does what is, within its means to ensure that whatever the company produces as a manufacturer has these considerations in mind for its finished products.


As a consequence, we place a higher preference on dealing with flat sheet suppliers and other leading manufacturers who are themselves concerned about the environment and encourage R&D for alternative raw material solutions such as Nanotechnology; a scientific process to produce and deliver wood from genetically modified trees.